Business Retention & Expansion

Growing the economy of Wise County does not only happen with new business development. It also occurs through the retention and expansion of our current local businesses. The Wise County Economic Development Office is a firm believer that we need growth both from new companies considering relocating to Wise County as well as nurturing and creating growth opportunities for current businesses who already call Wise County home. Regardless of their size, every business in Wise County contributes to the local economy. From the individual small business owner to the largest employer in the County, each business is a vital part of our local and regional economy. Expansion opportunities, a trainable workforce, and a dedicated, regional work ethic are key factors to help your business grow and succeed. 

Companies such as Sykes, Dominion Energy and Mullican Flooring not only call Wise County home but also have seen substantial, successful growth and expansion in recent years. 

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